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The Future Plans of Sand + Sol

Sand + Sol is not just a salon, it never has been just that.

Sand + Sol is not just a salon, it never has been just that. When creating Sand + Sol, I created a brand. An umbrella if you will has a variety of different services underneath the Sand + Sol brand. Sand + Sol Collective was designed to be your go-to place for all things beauty, entrepreneurship, and business building. It is a place where you can find the latest trends, learn the ins and outs of hair, and what the cool kids are really talking about on TikTok. Sand + Sol is a place where you can learn about starting, growing, and scaling your business or just pick and choose what topics you’d love to learn more about to better benefit yourself or your business. All of that is to say, Sand + Sol is nowhere close to being where she needs to be. There are plans for something much larger than where we are and I would love to share those plans with you! Like right now.

To begin

Sand + Sol cannot live in a suite for her whole life and be as large as she is intended to be. Salon-wise, a team of 5-10 ladies and gents on the same wavelength sounds like a good plan. To be able to offer you the services you need, when you need them even when I am out of town will be a breath of fresh air and take some stress off of you and me.

Location-wise I am torn

I have so many babes in Franklin, TN where I started, but I also have so many babes in Nashville, TN, and surrounding areas that I want to have a location that is so central it's perfect for everyone! However, it cannot be like a million bucks a month because what the heck and just no. haha.

Size Wise

Think like the three little bears or whatever that nursery rhyme is. Not too big, not too small, juuuussssttt right. By no means do I want to have a giant space where it echoes like a department store size but I would love a space to fit a couple of chairs, shampoo bowls, a break room, a lobby, and a boutique. Think about the size of your favorite nail salon in a strip mall, that size. :)

For now, that’s all that’s been on my noggin and of course (obvi) this isn’t a business plan so I should probably make that before I make moves haha. In any business or career, I believe it’s always a great idea to have some sort of plan of where you’re going next. Sand + Sol is going big places. I hope to see you all following along with me through this crazy journey! XO,

Annique L

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